What is the next step after I decide to seek help?

Starting therapy is not as difficult as you may think.  Admitting you need some help is hard, but knowing how things work in therapy/counselling can re-assure you that the process is manageable.

First we will schedule a time to meet. The introductory session usually takes between 75 – 90 minutes.  During this session, after exchanging a few details, you have an opportunity to provide some background information on you and your situation. I’ll ask you about your use of substances or behaviours, , a brief family history, and how long you feel that things have been unmanageable or getting out of control. This session is a two-way exchange. I get a chance to assess your situation and consider how I can help you, and you have an opportunity to assess whether I am the right person to help you.

Our therapy sessions will help you to find answers to  questions that arise as we start exploring what is going on in your life. My aim is to assist you in developing a better relationship with yourself and others going forward.

Typically we would meet on a regular basis, on the same day and at the same time. I am making a commitment when we schedule the next session, so if you need to re-arrange, I ask you to provide 1 weeks’ notice.

What happens in therapy?

You gain a better understanding of yourself and develop some tools to assist your recovery.

Circumstances vary but I may look at your situation to see how it relates across several areas of your life. My approach is holistic, so by understanding past and current events, I can get a picture of what is driving a cycle of addictive behaviour.

Addiction is a disorder and my goal is to understand how certain factors in your life have led to needing to use a substance or a behaviour to regulate. Together we build a picture of you and what contributes to your situation.

Getting well takes more than simply understanding  yourself.  I help you develop methods and tools that you can use to support yourself. Strength comes from the therapeutic relationship and your growing relationship with yourself, from understanding your psychological perspective, the sociological factors around you and from biological and spiritual elements.