Addiction is a psychological condition characterized by compulsive thinking and behaviour often accompanied by physical dependency. The use and abuse of substances or behaviours may be problematic but it is different from addiction.  The development of addiction is marked by a growing dependence on something external to oneself for self soothing and regulation.  Addiction is  a relationship you form with a substance or behaviour that takes precedence over all other relationships in your life, including the one you have with yourself.

Addiction comes in many forms, and for some it is substance-based (alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana…) and for others it may be behavioural (food, sex, porn, relationships, gambling, drama, chaos…).

Whatever form it takes, addiction is a symptom of internal conflict and discomfort that is self-sabotaging. Over time, one loses the ability to nurture and sustain meaningful relationships.  The trajectory of addiction is littered with collateral damage and risks being fatal.

Individuals struggling with addiction are not born addicts or alcoholics. Something has happened along the way and a substance, behaviour or relationship comes into play, that for a while appears to help manage what is uncomfortable or difficult. With time, what seemed to help no longer does and what appeared to be a ‘solution’  is now part of the problem.

Therapy for addiction is about understanding what underlies and drives maladaptive coping mechanisms.  Negative core beliefs and information networks operating below the level of conscious awareness need to be replaced with positive core beliefs and adaptive information processing based on internal strengths and resources.

At Addiction Therapy Brussels you will find a holistic approach to what is causing distress in your life.  If you are concerned about the extent to which substances or specific behaviours are impacting your well-being, get in contact and we can discuss what is going on and how best to move forward .

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